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Wedding Ideas that Make an Impact – 2

Posted on 23 September 2013 by admin

This is the second part of our article. Here you will find more TITBITS that may help you think through the preparation of your wedding day.

1)  Wedding Gown
For a wedding gown, aside from the traditional dresses, opt for one that reflects a fusion of culture. One bride I knew designed her cheongsum from saree material. Or a kebaya designed in cheongsum material could work well too.


2)  Colour Theme
Select a colour theme for the guests’ outfit for the wedding. A Spanish friend had all his guests arrive in Black and White while the bride stood as the only one in a red evening gown. Another wedding saw couples coming in various TV characters.

3)   Tents and Covering.
Dramatic Tents. Nothing beats dramatic tents highlighted with colourful curtains that fit the wedding theme. Especially in a beautiful tropical garden setting. Malaysia has magnificent outdoors that make perfect settings for a unique celebration that invites personalisation of themes and decòr.

4)    Photo and Video Booth.
Set up a section at the reception, where guests can leave candid messages to the couple. That would be kept as a memory for a very long time. At the same time, photographers could shoot a photo of your guests and have them printed during the wedding, to be picked up with a specialized frame after the wedding.

5)    Deserts.
If you are having an outdoor wedding, you could hire an ice-cream man or truck to drive there and hand out old childhood favourite deserts such as ice-cream in a bun!

Log onto the blog to find out some more tips on how to make your wedding day memorable in part 3 of our series coming out soon. “I always cry at weddings, especially my own” Humphrey Bogart.

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Wedding Ideas that Make an Impact – 1

Posted on 12 September 2013 by admin

I do, I do, I do.
After years of organizing weddings, The Big Rajah has put in some tips together on creating an impactful wedding with just a few little ideas in our three-part series. To all our readers, please do join in our forum and share some of the most outstanding ideas that you have come across or have organized for your very own day.

1)    Invitation cards

-       create a logo for your own wedding
-       create a caricature of the couple
-       design a 3D wedding invitation (my friend once sent out a match stick box as an invitation; a match made as its theme)
-       design a newspaper announcement as an invitation, which then gives you space to write about the couple etc
-       or simply, handwrite your wedding invitations!

Send out the invitation cards attached with a little gift through a specialized delivery service. For instance, a brooch that the ladies could wear for the wedding.

2)    Thank you cards

Remember your thank you cards and insert a photo of the bridal couple, better yet, of the guest with you or at the wedding.

3)    Venue

For indoor weddings, choose venues with a fantastic view. The Big Rajah has a special concession with KL Tower for its guests for instance. That would wow the guests with a magnificent view of the city while the ceremony takes place.

4)   Entry Song

Instead of the standard wedding march, have your hubby sing to you as you walk down the aisle (my sister’s husband compose a very romantic song and sang to her while playing the guitar) or have a choir sing as you walk in. That would make a dramatic entrance.

For the second entry, have dancers before the bridal couple announcing their entrance, and strewing the floor with rose petals.

The second part of the article will detail a little more on wedding gowns, colour themes, tents as well as some ideas for desserts. Socrates once said: “By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll be happy. If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher”.

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