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Wedding Ideas that Make an Impact – 3

Posted on 15 October 2013 by admin

Our final part of the 3 part series sheds some light on the event day and shares some fine finishing touches that liven up the occasion.

1)    Lighting – little white lights streamed symmetrically on the ceiling and candle tea lights to guide the entrance way (be careful of this with children around) would be a lovely way to light up your wedding.

Image via bridalguide

2)    Leave little bells on the table for each guest that every time that a joke is told, they can either choose to laugh heartily or to jingle the bell. The bell could also be used after the function as the couple leaves the room.

3)     The Entrance to a wedding always makes a huge impact so spend special time in thinking of how to decorate this – halogen balloons, flowers, balloon arches, birds in cages singing etc.

4)     Little details. Remember to include a map (link to google maps), instructions for parking, signs to restrooms (you can cut a photo of the couple in the restroom nearby for an added wow factor).

5)     After the wedding – releasing of birds or balloons in the sky or if the event is in the evening, a firework display may light up the occasion.

Ah well then, after all these little titbits to spice up your wedding day, here is a famous toast often said at weddings: “A toast to the two secrets of a happy marriage: Here’s to a good sense of humor and a short memory!”

We would love to read from you on how you had make your wedding day memorable and hear your thoughts on our article.

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