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A 22 course meal at Gaggan – Asia’s Top Restaurant

Posted on 23 May 2017 by admin

Gaggan (which means “progressive” – moving forward, advancing) After meeting Gaggan at the BFM radio interview, I could not help but felt magnetically drawn to visit Bangkok to taste what was known as one of Asia’s Best Restaurant for the past 2 years.

All I can say that it was certainly worthwhile in every way. The experience, in two words: “unbelievably beautiful”.

Set in a stunning whitewashed colonial style wooden house in the heart of Bangkok, this award winnin restaurant draws on the memories of its celebrity chef (Gaggan Anand) growing up as a young boy in the streets of India, fusing the diversity of India’s regional cuisine, creating it into a contemporary and progressive re-interpretation of traditional recipes.

My welcome there was like no other. The welcome wagon at Gaggan was an awesome ride – to top that off, the maitre D, concierge, waiting staff went out of their way to make us feel so at home.

And now, the best part, our 22 course meal! How would anyone think of serving a 22 course meal and enjoy every dish, right to the very last one. Only a true food connoisseur could find place in his tummy to savour these meticulously prepared dishes that were both inventive and revolutionary.

The first 15, thankfully, were finger food. Perfectly sized with a delicate balance of flavour and textures, I was amazed at how Gaggan managed to revamp traditional home Indian dishes and presented them in a fresh light.

Towards the end of the courses, they gave the most adorable tiffin set with three dishes –  fluffy rice fused with saffron, a piece of deep fried prawn wrapped in spices and the most exquisite crab curry that I have ever tasted in my life. That alone was worth my entire trip.


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Fresh and Flash: “Nobu”

Posted on 23 May 2017 by admin

Named after Nobuyuki Matshuhisa (or known to the world as “Nobu”), the highly acclaimed chef proprietor teamed up with Hollywood film producer Meir Teper and legendary actor Robert De Niro to open its first sensational restaurant in New York in 1994.  Today it boasts of 32 restaurants that spun around the globe.

Nobu brings the infusion of contemporary Japanese cuisine infused with South American flavours (notably Peruvian and Argentinian) to the sophisticated tastebuds of the discerning crowd in Malaysia.

Perched right alongside the Twin Towers, the restaurant offers uncompromising view of the city. The interior décor is simple but tasteful.

My visit there over lunch saw the 5 star Michelin chef serve a 7 course “omakase” (a Japanese term for chef’s selection) which included an exceptional selection of sashimi spread and tenderly cooked beef tenderloin. My favourite was the black cod fish where the it simply melted in my mouth.

Presentation of the food is like its interior – zen style – simple and yet elegant, not particularly elaborate. Personally, I felt that there could be improvement in the overall presentation of the restaurant and food.

Although the service staff were very helpful, it would have been better if they were to take their time in enticing their customers and slowly explaining their menu offerings.

In conclusion, an expensive restaurant with exquisitely designed dishes, combining culinary flavours creatively but worth the money!


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