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Wedding Ideas that Make an Impact – 2

Posted on 23 September 2013 by admin

This is the second part of our article. Here you will find more TITBITS that may help you think through the preparation of your wedding day.

1)  Wedding Gown
For a wedding gown, aside from the traditional dresses, opt for one that reflects a fusion of culture. One bride I knew designed her cheongsum from saree material. Or a kebaya designed in cheongsum material could work well too.


2)  Colour Theme
Select a colour theme for the guests’ outfit for the wedding. A Spanish friend had all his guests arrive in Black and White while the bride stood as the only one in a red evening gown. Another wedding saw couples coming in various TV characters.

3)   Tents and Covering.
Dramatic Tents. Nothing beats dramatic tents highlighted with colourful curtains that fit the wedding theme. Especially in a beautiful tropical garden setting. Malaysia has magnificent outdoors that make perfect settings for a unique celebration that invites personalisation of themes and decòr.

4)    Photo and Video Booth.
Set up a section at the reception, where guests can leave candid messages to the couple. That would be kept as a memory for a very long time. At the same time, photographers could shoot a photo of your guests and have them printed during the wedding, to be picked up with a specialized frame after the wedding.

5)    Deserts.
If you are having an outdoor wedding, you could hire an ice-cream man or truck to drive there and hand out old childhood favourite deserts such as ice-cream in a bun!

Log onto the blog to find out some more tips on how to make your wedding day memorable in part 3 of our series coming out soon. “I always cry at weddings, especially my own” Humphrey Bogart.

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Wedding Ideas that Make an Impact – 1

Posted on 12 September 2013 by admin

I do, I do, I do.
After years of organizing weddings, The Big Rajah has put in some tips together on creating an impactful wedding with just a few little ideas in our three-part series. To all our readers, please do join in our forum and share some of the most outstanding ideas that you have come across or have organized for your very own day.

1)    Invitation cards

-       create a logo for your own wedding
-       create a caricature of the couple
-       design a 3D wedding invitation (my friend once sent out a match stick box as an invitation; a match made as its theme)
-       design a newspaper announcement as an invitation, which then gives you space to write about the couple etc
-       or simply, handwrite your wedding invitations!

Send out the invitation cards attached with a little gift through a specialized delivery service. For instance, a brooch that the ladies could wear for the wedding.

2)    Thank you cards

Remember your thank you cards and insert a photo of the bridal couple, better yet, of the guest with you or at the wedding.

3)    Venue

For indoor weddings, choose venues with a fantastic view. The Big Rajah has a special concession with KL Tower for its guests for instance. That would wow the guests with a magnificent view of the city while the ceremony takes place.

4)   Entry Song

Instead of the standard wedding march, have your hubby sing to you as you walk down the aisle (my sister’s husband compose a very romantic song and sang to her while playing the guitar) or have a choir sing as you walk in. That would make a dramatic entrance.

For the second entry, have dancers before the bridal couple announcing their entrance, and strewing the floor with rose petals.

The second part of the article will detail a little more on wedding gowns, colour themes, tents as well as some ideas for desserts. Socrates once said: “By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll be happy. If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher”.

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Party Secrets: Entertaining Guests

Posted on 20 November 2012 by admin

At the end of the day, you want your guests to have enjoyed themselves. This is why the entertainment factor of your party is important. Honestly, I find this part the most difficult. It all depends on your guests. Most of the time I try to chat up my guests to keep them entertained but I can never spend enough time talking to everyone and juggle with all the food and what not.

I think the key to good entertaining is a good bit of guest profiling. Here’s a rough guideline!

  1. Age group

Start with identifying age groups. Old folks, adults, teenagers or children. A mixture of age groups may make finding an entertainment factor slightly more difficult, but not impossible. Though each age group may be present at the party, there often is a focus age group.

A birthday party for a 12 year old would make the child’s age group the main focus. Some parties could be meant for adults with their kids just tagging along. In that case, you’d mainly want to entertain the adults but keep the kids entertained too. Perhaps turn on a movie or set up an arts and craft corner for them.

  1. Strategic invites

My biggest problem hosting a birthday party was having friends from school and chuch. My school friends would be at the dining table while my church friends dominate the living room. There’s often this inevitable segregation between different groups of friends. It’s as if there are two different parties going on.

It may not always be a bad thing. When guests are with common friends, they’re more easily entertained and it ensures that no one feels left out so fret not. However if you think it calls for too many awkward moments, you can either do a staggered invitation (certain group comes earlier than the other) or host activities everyone can do together (like a game of charades!). Of course be sure to introduce people to each other. It helps to ‘integrate’ the guests. Sometimes the social butterflies of each would bring the groups together.

  1. Party highlight

Last but not least, prepare a party highlight. It could be a chocolate fondue, great wine, a piano presentation, dance hour or karaoke – anything at all that you know your guests would enjoy.

As important as it is to make sure your guests are well-entertained, be sure not to overwork yourself. The party is meant for you too. Eat with your guests, drink and laugh! Hosting is not a job. Enjoy yourself and your guests will enjoy themselves too.


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Indian Wedding Traditions

Posted on 20 November 2012 by admin

It is estimated by sociologists that over 90% of marriages in India are arranged marriages (Ahloowahlia, 2009)*. This marriage model has survived for over three thousand years, surprisingly steadfast through changes and modernization of the world and the given the overwhelming media influence of Bollywood that celebrates love-marriages. Interestingly, traditional Indian marriage is ranked as having one of the highest numbers of arranged marriages that still exist amongst the various cultures in the world and yet carries one of the lowest in divorce rates (only 1.1% in India as compared to nearly 50% in the USA)**.

So how does this all take place?

The Match

In the absence of a partner of choice, family members meet to discuss the prospects of their children being united in matrimony, should there be an expression of interest on both parties. Prior to that, a matchmaker is appointed with a given match criteria list (this wish list may consist of various criteria such as religion, education level, physically desirable traits, caste, numerology, horoscope, financial status etc.) and thereafter an exchange of photos by the parties.

Pre-Wedding- The Engagement & The Sangeet

Upon the match, the engagement date is fixed by family elders in consultation with the priest. The groom’s party will bring, with a convoy of close family and friends, a gift offering to the bride’s family. Customary, sweets are offered as well as other precious items such as gold and saree dresses. Hereon, the soon-to-be bridal couple will begin their romantic dating period.

During the Sangeet, which is the day before the wedding, there will be a party with song, food and dance, celebrated at the bride’s home where henna based intricate patterns (called mehendi) are applied to her hands and feet. Here, her other female-friends will also have the opportunity to apply mehendi to their hands. 


The ceremony is kickstarted with the arrival of the Barrat, a formal procession that includes friends, family members of the groom and is welcomed at the venue by the bride’s family. The groom is only allowed to enter after receiving the blessing from the bride’s mother, in a ritual called “aarti”, rotating a small earthen lamp around him.




Jaimala” is when the bridal couple exchange garlands and is considered married. Thereafter, they will exchange vows before God, through the chanting of hymns with the priest. Next, they walk around a fire seven times, with a part of their costumes knotted together. Finally, he puts vermilion on the hair parting of the bride, and he puts on a chain around her neck, both of which she is to wear for life.

Finally, the wedding feast is thrown, a lavish banquet with usually over 500 guests in attendance celebrating more than a union of two persons, but that of two families.

*B. S. Ahloowalia, Invasion of the Genes: Genetic Heritage of India, AEG Publishing Group, 2009
** Divorce Rate In India Divorce Rate In India


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Party Secrets: Themes

Posted on 11 October 2012 by admin

A successful party calls for a good plan. But what makes a good plan? What goes into planning? From decorations to food to entertainment, there’s just so much to do! It can be quite a hassle if you don’t get organized.

I think back to the times I had birthday parties and they certainly weren’t great. It was just a bunch of close friends, talking to each other, entertaining themselves with their cool gadgets and chomping away – no plans whatsoever! Of course that doesn’t make it a bad party but if you could bring it up a notch and make these special occasions unforgettable, it’s time to put your party hats on.

A Hawaiian themed birthday party

Today’s party tip is on setting a theme. Once a theme is chosen, most things tend to fall into place. Time to get creative! Vintage 60s, Arabian nights, under the sea, black and white – the possibilities are endless. Personally, I don’t fancy colour themes much because its so general, it doesn’t give parties enough character. Of course, it’s an exception for weddings. Rather, colours can be incorporated into the main theme. For example, blue and green for the theme ‘Under the Sea’.

To choose the perfect theme, you’d have to first consider the occasion and age group. Birthday, anniversary or baby shower? Kids, teenagers, adults or a mixture? Theme ideas can easily stem from:

1.     A hobby
Imagine a Football Frenzy themed party or perhaps, the Music Memoir with musical notes-shaped cookies and some classical music in the background.

2.     A movie/novel
Harry Potter, Pirates of the Carribean, Lord of the Rings, Narnia – oh how fun!

3.     A location
Think countries and cities! New York or Paris. The Carribean or Arabian nights. Perhaps a jungle or safari themed party!

4.     An era/generation
Retro or futuristic! The kampung days with traditional food served or old English with some lovely tea and scones.

Once you’ve decided on a smashing theme, prepare for a smashing party! More great party planning tips to come!


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