Coverings of Style and Grandeur

From tents to canopies and grand marquees, we’ve got you covered. Our wide selections are among the best available in the country. Exceptionally reliable and simply breath-taking. our coverings of strength and grandeur will leave a lasting impression.
• Arabian Nights White High Tops
• Canopies
• Tents (classic white, blue or red and white)
• Grand Marquees

Complete Services

Complementing the majestic coverings that we offer, you can further select from our menu of additional services:
• Lovely Underlay and Pole-Liner Decoration
• Stylish Tables and Chairs and Furniture Decoration
• Elegant Overall Settings
• Stage Structures
• VIP Seating and Red Carpets
• Rose Petal Walkway
• Cool Vapour Fans
• Special Lightings

Those Fine Extra Little Touches

We understand that it is those extra little touches that go a long way in creating a specialised signature event. You can expect to discuss with our event planners:

• Creative Décor
• Food Presentation with Hotel Style Grand Entrance
• Unique Table Set-ups
• Creative Buffet Set-ups
• Cocktails and Bar Services
• Classic Round Dome Services
• Special Food Garnishing