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Vivian Danker — Director, Events Design
Vivian Danker
Vivian is the lady that makes things happen! Vivian has designed and led events successfully for up to over 10,000 people and clocks an average of 20 catering functions each week - from weddings, family days and product launches to private functions. She is highly personable and is well regarded in the Malaysian events scene, widely sought after for her creative abilities and business acumen. She has a keen eye for detail even as she juggles several events at a time, and is a perfectionist when it comes to executing her work, which she assumes with great enthusiasm and careful deliberation.
Wilfred Netto — Chief Finance & Operations Officer
Wilfred Netto
Fred comes to TBR with over 20 years of experience in the food and event management services industry. He heads the daily operations and financial management of the firm. Fred ensures that the operations are functioning in optimal condition in order to deliver the best performance to our clients. He is a person committed to improvements and has a keen eye for detail. Responsibility: All Staffing, Planning, Logistics, Warehouse Management, Stock Control, Development of TBR and day to day running of the business.
Srinvasan Sunder — Operations Director and Events Manager
Srinvasan Sunder
An accomplished chef in his own right, Sunder heads the operations to ensure that each function is managed excellently. He is a popular rank and file member of staff which has given him a comprehensive understanding of the operations. He begun his career in the kitchen at a young age of 20, under the tutelage of Rossari, he finally became Sous-Chef at TBR and supervised over 20 cooks under him.
Thamizhmaran Narayanan (Executive Chef) &
Sahubar Sadique Jamal Mohamed (Sous chef de Cuisine)

Having worked together for the last 25 years, the Mathan and Sardiq duo is an unbeatable team when it comes to food performance. Their collaboration celebrates its silver anniversary this year, and the team at TBR benefits from their seamless work management. They started their careers under the tutelage of Rosary and today boast of vast and immense experience in providing culinary excellence. Nobody embodies the term "feeding the multitudes" better than these chefs, having prepared food for over 25,000 people in one single day!
Jacinta Xavier — In-house Pastry Chef
Jacinta Xavier
After serving for over 20 years in British American Tobacco in research, Jacinta (fondly known as Jessie) decided to pursue her passion in pastries full-time after her retirement. Sweetness is a word that would describe Jessie, personally and professionally. Every single client that has used her services has highly endorsed her work - thanks to her professionalism and devotion to excellence. A researcher through and through, Jessie avidly looks for ways to improve her pastry skills and is precise in producing absolutely addictive cakes and pastries.
Mona Poomy — Brand & Marketing Consultant
Mona Basso
With over 15 years of experience in business development and integrated marketing in the financial services, oil & gas, food & beverage and technology sectors, Mona is a highly sought-after corporate executive who is experienced in international and regional business activities. She holds an MBA from Strathclyde University and is an Associate of the Chartered Secretaries & Administrators. Her former stints include being the Executive Vice President (ASEAN) for The Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments, Apple Computers and Paradigm Geophysical.
Nicholas Jackson — Food & Beverage Consultant
Nicholas Jackson
Nic is TBR's Western food consultant. He advises the company on the global trends in industry development and advices on new recipes for Western cuisine. Nic's family has been in food and beverage for many generations and were the owners of a renowned 16th century pub in Nothingham. A gourmet of world-class cuisine, he owns his own food and beverage distribution company today in the UK. Nic graduated from Nothingham University in Management.