Basmati White Rice:
Indulge in the elegance of Basmati White Rice, renowned for its long grains, light nutty flavor, and delicate floral aroma. This versatile rice variety is a perfect companion for rice pilaf or as a delectable side dish to complement flavorful curries.

Basmati Biryani Rice:
Unlock the secret to an exquisite biryani with Basmati Biryani Rice. With its long and aromatic grains, this rice variety is an essential ingredient in creating a truly delightful biryani. Let the fragrance and texture of Basmati elevate your biryani to new heights.

Ghee Rice, Jeera Rice:
Experience the irresistible allure of Ghee Rice, also known as Jeera Rice. Cooked with a harmonious blend of spices and a generous amount of clarified butter, this rice dish exudes a tantalizing aroma and a rich, flavorful taste. Each spoonful will transport you to a realm of culinary indulgence.

Tomato Rice:
Prepare yourself for a drool-worthy delight with Tomato Rice. This gem of a dish rivals the decadence of biryani rice, offering a symphony of flavors where tangy tomatoes perfectly complement the fragrant rice. Prepare to be captivated by the irresistible allure of this delectable creation.

Mughal Biryani Rice:
Embark on a regal culinary journey with Mughal Biryani Rice. Fit for royalty, this magnificent dish encapsulates the essence of Mughlai cuisine. Immerse yourself in the opulence of aromatic spices and tender rice, knowing that you are savoring a dish that once graced the tables of kings.

Peas Pilau Rice:
Savor the delightful combination of Basmati rice and tender peas with Peas Pilau Rice. This flavorful rice dish can stand alone as a satisfying vegetarian main course or serve as a glorious accompaniment to enhance any meal. The fragrant aroma and perfectly balanced flavors will leave you longing for more.

Nasi Lemak & Condiments:
Discover the essence of Malay cuisine with Nasi Lemak, a dish that transports you to the tropical flavors of Southeast Asia. Fragrant rice cooked in rich coconut milk and pandan leaf creates a luscious base for a delightful culinary adventure. Complete your experience with an array of tantalizing condiments, as you savor the vibrant and aromatic flavors of this beloved dish.