The Wedding Banquet

Menu A

Basmathi Pulao Briyani Rice
Mutton Bone Dalcha
Chicken Coriander Masala
Lightly Battered Dory Fillet
Wing-Tipped Garlic Prawns
Red Sambal Squid
Signature Aloo Ghobi
Sautéed Mixed Vegetables
Zesty Inji Puli
Caramel Custard
Paradise Passion Fruit Cordial

Menu B

Basmathi Saffron Rice
Vegetarian Meal-Maker Kurma
Chicken Maharani Rossari (Serai)
Madras Mutton Varuval
Battered Sweet & Sour Fish Fillets
Brinjal Kuttu
Emerald Palak Paneer
Golden Gulab Jamun
Refreshing Lime Cordial

Menu C

Plain Pulao Briyani Rice
Vegetable Dalcha
Kampung Style Rendang Chicken
Black Peppered Mutton with Green Peas
Red Sambal Fish OR Prawn
Sautéed Mixed Vegetables
Meal-Maker Peratal
Jelly in Cups
Tangy Orange Cordial

"The Big Rajah is the epitome of elegant dining with its impossibly grand setting, impeccable service and outstanding cuisine"